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Garden of Eden

Hi I  just returned home from performng in Peedam and it was Beautiful, with a group of women, called the peace angels . You guessed it we performed as angels in a dance style movement to bring peace, joy and love to all who witness us.

I could easily say it was like performing in  the garden of Eden for me and  it is also the home of  Sri Shakti Amma Narayani (Avatar) .

You could easily drive through this small town, 3 hours from chennai- India and miss what is really available to you in this place.  There is a 1.2km Path in the shape of a Star, surrounded by Lush Gardens, animals , birds , butterflies and dragonflies flying every where, and there is a beautiful golden temple . I have never seen so many dragonflys in my life in one place, it was amazing.

You just Feel , See and Breathe in Peace,  Love and Beauty.

I am Grateful our prays were answered for the peace angels and Angels of peace and we were all blessed to be in the prescence of Sri Shakti Amma Narayani.

I pray for all Who want to have peace in their life and want peace for all, that it is with ease and grace as we take one more step in our own lives  to Peace on earth,  and that you have the Grace to visit Peedam , Om Namo Narayani.

namaste  love Kali Bolo



The Dove and the Olive Branch

The white Dove is a Symbol for Peace , the Holy Spirit and also Hope and Grace for me.

When you have  been Swimming up stream in the Emotional Ocean and your exausted, Life has been hard work and you want and need to rest, but you cant see ahead , you cant see the land.

It takes courage and trust,  that the Holy Dove and Olive branch is there for you too, and that there is not long to go to reach land.

I believe in you , So Dont give up. One swim stroke at a time and the land will appear and you will find calm ocean and more peace with in. The sun will shine brighter than before.

Ask for help and support from your community on your swim and also pray for help and it will support you to reach the calm water and shore line of Self Love. You are Worth It!

Today is the 11th year of Shanti Mission (peace mission), and the Aniversary of Shakti Durga as a Guru (spiritual teacher and first Australian Female Guru).

Shakti Durga (means Divine Feminine Force) and as a Guru, is here on Earth to bring Empowering Higher Consciousness.

Thankyou Shakti Durga for being born and swimming up stream with strength and courage to become a Guru – bringing Love and Wisdom , and the Olive Branch for many Souls on Earth,  Namaste  Om Namo Narayani

Namaste to all who read this may it inspire, support and bring hope on your journey xo  Go to Shakti

My next Step

The next step for me is to,

Take one more step closer to completely surender into more Authentic Self Love , as I embark on a journey to visit an Avatar

Sri Shakti Narayani Amma – Om Namo Narayani

I ask for ease and grace for self and family while i take this next step.  Also that i am in  humility as i  surrender into more Love and Peace,  as I am worthy.

I ask on your behalf too, through your free will to receive the same prayer with ease and grace on your next step into more self Love, with kindness and Gratitude, Thankyou divine mother   Om Namo Narayani




Inspiring Peace

Your not alone – What if there were Angels everywhere.

The Peace Angels are a  group of women who are based in sydney and gather together dressed in Angel Dresses and Wings , to perform sacred artistic dance performance and this brings the essence of Peace to all who wittness them and to remind who we truly are, human beings of  Love.

This Sunday the 15th of October they are performing a new show at the Duti Theatre in Newtown .                                                                                                                                          The show is called Angels of Light.

I am taking my children and hope the Show inspires them to love who they are and remember why they were Born .

I my self had forgotten who I am, especially when I became a teenager and lost my true authentic self through being bullied at school.                                                                            Go to Peace website and click on facebook link to buy tickets.

namaste Kali Bolo




How I feel about You

Beautiful You

When I met you today sitting in the garden and you then walked with me, I trusted you.

I loved that you placed the multifaceted Rose of many Colours (just like a Diamond) held in a vortex of Love, deep into the wound wIthin my heart and with forgiveness it healed our past relationship with self.

I am Grateful that you trusted me and the Love I hold for you gave you the courage to take the next step into being more of our Authentic Self today.

I See you now

You are a  Beautiful child and I am Grateful I am your Mother

Love is how I Feel