Inspiring Peace

Your not alone – What if there were Angels everywhere.

The Peace Angels are a  group of women who are based in sydney and gather together dressed in Angel Dresses and Wings , to perform sacred artistic dance performance and this brings the essence of Peace to all who wittness them and to remind who we truly are, human beings of  Love.

This Sunday the 15th of October they are performing a new show at the Duti Theatre in Newtown .                                                                                                                                          The show is called Angels of Light.

I am taking my children and hope the Show inspires them to love who they are and remember why they were Born .

I my self had forgotten who I am, especially when I became a teenager and lost my true authentic self through being bullied at school.                                                                            Go to Peace website and click on facebook link to buy tickets.

namaste Kali Bolo




How I feel about You

Beautiful You

When I met you today sitting in the garden and you then walked with me, I trusted you.

I loved that you placed the multifaceted Rose of many Colours (just like a Diamond) held in a vortex of Love, deep into the wound wIthin my heart and with forgiveness it healed our past relationship with self.

I am Grateful that you trusted me and the Love I hold for you gave you the courage to take the next step into being more of our Authentic Self today.

I See you now

You are a  Beautiful child and I am Grateful I am your Mother

Love is how I Feel


The perfect Timing

Hello from Kali Bolo ,

I am sitting on a boat at Port Stephens on Holidays with my family. There is clear blue skys ,  a gentle breeze and the sounds of the birds as I enjoy the  beauty of mother nature.

You could easily state the weather is Perfect, and yet the weather can change instantly, for example a cloud could arive and it rains and ruins that perfect moment,  but yet some other place / town is recieving the rain as well and instead there is  joy and gratitude because their may have been a  drought  for months,  and so it is still perfect.

I am sharing about the perfect Timing, when is the perfect time to take the next step.

Last night i decided to create a website (finaly my first attempt) with the intention it does not have to be perfect, just get it started (as computers and internet are a foreign language to me) and afterwards I realized I was proud of me. It felt good to be proud of me attempting to create a website.

The amazing thing happened at about the same time in America – AFP Rachael Jane Groover was filming  herself  on a talk about – Do you suffer from Perfectionism.

When I received that post on Perfectionism this morning,  it was perfect timing  and I listened to Rachael”s Blog – realising that my fear and belief that -” it needs to be perfect – to be worthy of being Seen and Heard” ,  is holding me back from not just creating a website, or blogging , or being heard, but its keeping me from not being in the present moment and enjoying the moment.

My intention of this blog is to inspire and also bring conscious self awareness to were my thoughts and beliefs are at, so i  can choose to enjoy the present moment and  Believe in me. I Believe in me, I Believe in me !

Bye for now untill, the next perfect moment in time to share

Namaste love Kali Bolo


This blog is my own Personal expression to learn about myself , and is not intended to upset or offend anyone. May anyone who reads this blog only receive positive inspiration, Namaste love Kali Bolo.